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Terms and Conditions



Name of company: BenT Group bv
Trading under the names: Яeal Nutrition, Real Nutrition Wholesale, Real Nutrition Shop, Supplementen winkel
www.realnutrition.be , www.realnutritionwholesale.be , www.realnutrition.shop

- Retail online shop in sports nutrition (including protein powder such as whey & casein, protein bars, dietary supplements, pre-workouts, BCAA, amino acids, mass gainers, testo boosters, vitamins & minerals, recovery, energy, carbohydrates, sugars, energy bars, etc.).
- Retail online shop in dietetic foods (including fat burners, diet products, protein diet, protein diet, sugar-free snacks and shakes, sugar-free sweets, etc.).
- Retail online shop sports drinks (including prepared protein shakes, BCAA drinks, energy drinks, endurance drinks, recovery drinks, sports waters and water with fruit flavor etc.).
- Retail online shop sports clothing (mainly fitness clothing and accessories such as fitness gloves, belts etc.).

Business address:
Regina Wautersweg 14
8800 Roeselare

Phone: 0032 (0) 51 31 08 74
Email: [email protected]

Only by appointment

VAT number BE 0639.947.206

Article 2. GENERAL

2.1 These terms are applicable to all purchases and sales, offers / contracts for goods, services and contracts of Real Nutrition Shop. Additions or deviations from these conditions must be agreed in writing.

2.2 The rights and obligations under agreements between Real Nutrition Shop and the counterparty can not be transferred to third parties by the counterparty, except with the written permission of Real Nutrition Shop.

2.3 By creating an account on (one of) the Real Nutrition Shop website(s) and / or placing an order with, the counterparty accepts these terms and conditions.

2.4 Real Nutrition Shop has the right to unilaterally change these terms and conditions. The changes to these terms and conditions are binding and are deemed to be accepted as soon as it is notified to the counterparty and unless written protest or reservation by the counterparty within eight calendar days for disclaimers.

2.5 The manager of Real Nutrition Shop must give approval to the representatives, agents or agents of Real Nutrition Shop to conclude any agreement.

Article 3. OFFERS

3.1 All offers are entirely without obligation and are valid stricktly whille stocks last. An offer that is valid according to a certain period can nevertheless be revoked by Real Nutrition Shop, even after receiving the order.

3.2 All information, announcements and listings on the website or in commercial publications of Real Nutrition Shop is of an informative nature and do not constitute a binding agreement. Only by explicitly accepted order or a written agreement creates an obligation.


4.1 The agreement between Retail Nutrition and the counterparty is only valid if Real Nutrition Shop confirms the order in writing. These general conditions supplemented by an order confirmation determine the content of the agreement.

4.2 The agreed delivery time can expire if an additional order is requested.

4.3 A valid agreement can be concluded from online orders, even if the signature of the counterparty is missing if the requirements are met, as described in these general conditions.

4.4 All products can be ordered, no minimum or maximum purchase is required. However, an intervention in transport costs may be required by the counterparty, as stated under article 8.

Article 5. PRICES

5.1 All quotations are given in Euros and include VAT (according to Belgian VAT laws), unless otherwise stated. Transport costs are not included in this price. 

5.2 Product descriptions on the website and in commercial publications of Real Nutrition Shop can always be changed by the representative of Real Nutrition Shop.

5.3 Real Nutrition Shop is not liable for the content of the texts placed. All information comes from the website of the supplier of the relevant product. All complaints regarding the operation / taste / consistency of a product must be directed to the producer.

5.4 Real Nutrition Shop can make price changes after the conclusion of a contract by a price change in product-related factors such as taxes, raw materials, materials, packaging, etc. The other party has the right to terminate the agreement if the price change is greater than 10% at a product. The termination must be made in writing to Real Nutrition Shop within seven days of receipt of the notification by Real Nutrition Shop of this price change. The party can not claim damages from such termination.

5.5 Real Nutrition Shop is authorized to request advance payments and impose guarantees.

Article 6. PAYMENT

6.1 The payment conditions that apply to invoicing are agreed between Real Nutrition Shop and the counterparty.
Online orders can be paid via various applications. These are managed by the external company "Mollie Keizersgracht 313, 1016 EE Amsterdam, Netherlands".
Real Nutrition Shop is not liable for damage or any form of loss resulting from the use of any payment application.
Real Nutrition Shop also offers the possibility to the customer to make the payment via transfer that is not linked to the payment applications.

6.2 The shipment of the ordered products is always preceded by the payment. Real Nutrition Shop reserves the right to keep the ordered items in possession until the full amount of the order (including all taxes and costs) has been paid.

6.3 The counterparty will be in default after the payment term has expired without a notice of default being required, regardless of whether or not the excess can be attributed to the counterparty. The delivered products remain the property of Real Nutrition Shop at purchase / sale until the counterparty has paid the full payment of the sale price.

6.4 If the invoice was not paid before the due date of the invoice, Real Nutrition Shop may immediately charge a compensation that corresponds to 10% of the invoice amount with a minimum of € 150. This compensation may be increased by an amount corresponding to 1% of the invoice amount, per full month that the payment term has expired, calculated from the relevant due date.


7.1 The cancellation right and the right of withdrawal, including the practical details, are described in detail in a separate page on the website; click here.


8.1 Real Nutrition Shop strives to process all orders as quickly as possible and send. The period is defined between reception and transmission at a maximum period of 5 days. The specified in the offer and / or order confirmation referred to agreed delivery period is not as strict deadline and is only approximate, even if it has been explicitly accepted by the counterparty.

8.2 After handing over the order to the transport company, any liability for Real Nutrition Shop . Damaging or stories extinction of the order will from that moment on the conveyor.

8.3 For deliveries abroad, different delivery times may apply.

8.4 The delivery period will be extended if:
- there is a delay in the manufacture, shipment or other preventative circumstances regardless of this delay can be attributed to Real Nutrition Shop.
- the counterparty fails to meet its obligations or if there is good reason to fear that the counterparty will not meet its obligations.
- Real Nutrition Shop is unable to meet its obligations due to the counterparty's failure (for example, no correct indication of the place of delivery).

8.5 If an order cannot be delivered due to the customer's shortcoming (wrong address / name / ...), the contribution due for returning the order will be charged to the customer.

8.6 The risk of damage and destruction of the products is transferred to the counterparty from the moment of delivery, so as soon as the counterparty has the goods available. The exemption from liability for Real Nutrition Shop has been observed in accordance with Article 8.2.

8.7 An overview of shipping fees can be found here.

8.8 In principle, orders are only sent after receipt of payment.
By mutual agreement deviation is possible, but this deviation must also be confirmed in writing by both parties before payment periods are allowed.


9.1 Real Nutrition Shop implement the agreements still as good as possible, according to insight, ability and good workmanship.

9.2 Real Nutrition Shop is authorized, without the consent of the counterparty to outsource the task or parts of the contract or to commission third parties who are not employed by Real Nutrition Shop.

9.3 The counterparty provides Real Nutrition Shop with all information necessary to perform the contract. If the counterparty fails to provide the necessary information, the execution of the agreement may be suspended.

Article 10. GUARANTEE

10.1 Real Nutrition Shop guarantees that all goods / products are appropriate and legally permissible for the purpose for which they were intended.

10.2 Real Nutrition Shop guarantees the quality of the delivered products. If a product was unusable due to damage during transportation or if the products do not match the order, then the counterparty has the option to return these products. The cost of returning shall be borne by the other party, unless the express error of Real Nutrition Shop can be demonstrated.

10.3 The counterparty is required to read the information and advice on the products.


11.1 Real Nutrition Shop has the right to immediately or fully terminate the agreement, without judicial intervention, in whole or in part if:
- the counterparty acts contrary to one of the provisions of the agreement between the counterparty and Real Nutrition Shop .
- the counterparty dies or requests payment deferment.
- attachment is made on any asset of the counterparty

Article 12. LIABILITY

12.1 Real Nutrition Shop is liable only for intent or gross negligence by executives.

12.2 Real Nutrition Shop is not liable for intent or (gross) negligence of third parties that were engaged for the implementation of the agreement, but are not employed by the company.

Article 13. Force majeure

13.1 Force majeure means an unforeseeable and not preventable event, thus adhering to a commitment or obligation impossible. Examples of force majeure: war, government measures, lack of raw materials, strikes, epidemics, weather conditions, disruptions in the plant or in transport, etc.

13.2 Real Nutrition Shop can rely on force majeure to the agreement whether to terminate or suspend without compensation of damages.


14.1 Real Nutrition Shop guarantees the privacy of data of the counterparty.


15.1 If one or more provisions are not or not fully valid from the agreement with the other party, the other legal provisions shall remain in full force. For the provisions that are not legally valid, a suitable legally valid arrangement will be sought.


16.1 Real Nutrition Shop owns at all times the intellectual property of all designs, logos, shapes, marks, domain names, trade names, company names, composition, taste characterizations and other visual / commercial specifications.


17.1 Belgian law applies to these General Terms and Conditions
17.2 Only the court in the Bruges district has jurisdiction.

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